Pensions advice from Cummins Financial Advisers Limited, IFA Cheshire

Planning for your retirement has never been easier with sensible, practical, and realistic pension advice from Cummins Financial Advisers Limited, IFA Cheshire.
Many of our customers say that deciding to setup a pension fund and plan for their future is one of the most important financial decisions they will ever make. We listen carefully to what our customers say, so that’s why we strive to make the pension decision process as easy and straightforward as possible.
New rules introduced in 2015 create more choice for individuals regarding the way they can access their pension savings. This added flexibility means that more people can benefit from an option that suits their individual needs and at Cummins Financial Advisers Limited we can provide you with all the pension advice you need to make informed and beneficial financial decisions.
To find out more about pensions from Cummins Financial Advisers Limited, please feel free to browse our website. Alternatively, for a no-obligation chat about your financial and pension requirements, please call Cummins Financial Advisers Limited, IFA Cheshire, on 01244 571050 or click Pension Advice to send us an email.
Please note: whilst we strive to ensure all pension advice given by Cummins Financial Advisers Limited is best suited to your long-term financial requirements, the value of, and income received from, your pension(s) can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you have invested.